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We are one of India’s most advanced product development and embedded engineering firms. With deep expertise in RF, digital, analog, embedded software, sensors, imagers, mechanical engineering, and application software, and a culture of innovation, we are able to meet challenging requirements.


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  1. Guest
    31 January 2016

    Company has no work culture, work always and no employee benefits. Doesn’t even give you health insurance. CTC paid will have a BIG amount on paper only and they have a weird concept of PBI (Variable pay) where they will hold 15% of your ctc. On leaving the company they don’t pay the 15% held up at all. They make you sign for documents which says the employees abide by changes made without information. They lure u saying every 6month appraisal and never actually give any appraisal. HR policies are absolutely horrendous if you take more than 2days a leave in a month irrespective of sick hospitalized they mark the rest of days as Loss of pay. They make you work like donkey and pay dimes.

    Please don’t join this company u will destroy your career.

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