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Forcitcample, a fast growing leading IT company, run under the guidance of Founder & CEO Mr. Bharat Saini with a team of experienced and highly talented professionals. Our clientele comprise of both local and global. Forcitcample have expertise in the field of – web design, web development, website redesign, custom web development, web programming, static and dynamic websites, flash websites, graphic design, logo design, banner design, brochure design, newsletter design, software development, content management system, mobile website, mobile application development, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), website maintenance services, domain and hosting, content writing, proofreading, etc.


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  1. Sumit Rawal
    17 January 2018

    @Guest Forcitcample management. I have not done this comments. I have the audacity to do comments via my own name. I have moved on in life I accidently visited this page and saw this. I dont have any grudges pending and or any sort of hatred.

    Last but not the least, when your company is my mother company in my resume, why should I say about mother company??

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  2. Guest
    1 July 2017

    @Guest you only promised me on first day that I will get high quality training of wwebsite development and designing from seniors but I got none. I even could not get chance to talk with clients. Whats the training it was for which I was not paid. Labour law allows 8 hours work still i worked there 9:15 hours, I have leaves pending no extra pay was paid for my overtime. your taining has not done any benefit to me. y not i will write reviews here

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  3. Guest
    27 June 2017

    @Guest, Watch your mouth next time with your employer before you get terminated again from next job.

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  4. Guest
    20 June 2017

    Very soon their pot of sins will be filled and they will have to pay for their sins. God is there and the place for this fake company owners is Jail sweet Jail.

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  5. pallavi Soorma
    7 September 2016

    This place is superb to work with :) . I have been getting paid handsome salary over there.

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  6. Current Employe
    25 August 2016

    Perfect place to start career

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  7. Guest
    17 August 2016

    Very happy working with !

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  8. paul
    16 August 2016

    Happy independence day to all !

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  9. Paul 46
    15 August 2016

    I was Ex-Employee.I read many comments.Out of which most of comments shows the Real Reflection of forcitcample.

    No Doubt,Its one Room set company with common washRoom for Male and Female.
    ok.There is No Canteen Available and on own desk takes Launch mainly Girls.
    No Doubt,Salary is soo less we can’t say truth to our Parents as well only 3-4 k.Even 50-60% don’t get single Paisa.
    No Enjoy any officail Party my time and festival.
    Agree,Extra hours spent,sometime just press buttons and change screens billing only.

    yyess,To Submit documents no doubt.

    Repetions of works in BD.Just Right we have done these Projects on behalf Sir.

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  10. Guest
    15 August 2016

    Happy Independent Day…

    But Our People is still Slave.They have to work with Low Salary and Extra Hours.
    Reason there are lot of Reasons,But Major Reason is greed of OWNER,who have some money and want more without think about others who work under him.

    According to my concern,Forcitcample is Perfect example like giving nothing –3k salary to employees.

    It’s very major concern.To Open 1 Room set Shop and give nothing to Employees.God see all give Left/Right very soon like Vijay Mallaya(Who also Big Fraud).


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  11. biplab jana
    14 August 2016

    hi i am biplab jana

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  12. Current Employe
    12 August 2016

    Very happy working with forcitcample

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  13. Guest
    11 August 2016

    Read Al comments carefully.Negative as all positive.Positive comments are written by Owner Himself.Because no one happy with salary Rs 3-4 k in this modern days where Labourer Salary is Around 12-15k,Who don’t have iito of knowledge of AnyThink.

    Indications of fake company.
    Don’t Mention salary clearly on Joining Letter.And Tell 2-3 month we will increse.Then Why take interview? It’s means Fake company.
    If company give less than 10 K.It’s means its Low Standad company and fire anytime.

    Don’t Beleive in any comment Just consult with company Current Employees.Who Easily available GroundFloor of ONE ROOM SET COMPANY OR SHOP.

    Its Experience of Group’s of Request you don’t Submit Document .Otherwise Haress very badly like us.

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  14. Ex-Employee
    10 August 2016

    Yesh,In India there are very good Respect and value of Fraud People Like Forcitcample CEO Owner Because there is no Rule and Regulation in india.

    There is no Basic salary in INDIA like Other Developed Nation(USA,Canada) Basic Salary Atleast $2,500.

    And you give only $ 45 only to well Educated and Professional Person.

    About company Stability.In India Many Politices and other Profession who do Nothing as performance wise and Very good Hold in Market as well.

    And This Owner makes Joke’s to all well Educated Person.Beacuse he himself is Joke everyone know.

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  15. Guest
    5 August 2016

    @Guest, @Guest, This Guy is Joke LOL

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  16. Guest
    5 August 2016

    Read al the reviews and i can find it easily that many of the negative comments are been written by same person with same logic and content .

    Message to the others , Dont go with the comments here one can have a negative and many can have the positive experience and its not always everyone gonna have positive experience because it depends what your Ethics are and how well you perform at work . If this company is that bad , How come its in market since from 6+years ?

    Message to negative commenter . MR / MS I don’t understand why would you spend your time writing these comments and creating negative Environment all over the world . LOL . Find your next job because you miserably failed to keep this job due to your poor performance or bad attitude which you showing to world .

    Best wishes

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  17. Guest
    26 July 2016

    Worst company.

    Monoploy of Mr CEO.
    Salary is less than one labourer.only Rs 3,000
    One Room Set Company with Politices Environment.
    One can say its’s Shop n’t company.Rules changed very Frequetly like Vegetables in Shop.

    Yesh,According to My Concern,Its FAKE company,Because In Offer letter n’t mentions Salary.

    It’s first company which give offer letter without Mention Salary.So called as FAKE company.

    Salary is also fake.It’s defend on Mr CEO beacuse Mangement is n’t there.So he gives according to after deductions of his Expences and EMI’s.

    Salary most Unsatisfied company in Mohali.Because every one comes to Earn money,But In this company all money goes one Person.Yesh it’s Bussiness Rule.But Atleast gives some money to Employee as well so that one can survive independey.

    There is trainer who gives training,otherwise one can learn wordpress,yoomla in maximum 10 days- 15 days.But Even fresher survive minimum 6 month without money and knowlege which they can easily learn within 1 month,But company is non coperative.

    Takes,the fresher in bulk and sitting in the office without money and it’s simply wastege of importants time of freshers.

    Yesh,Company celbrates festivals just to take two Photes for Marketing Purposes.

    FAKE ,Worst company,With Worst Mangement.
    Play with the cariers of Youth’s.

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  18. Ex-Employee
    21 July 2016

    I was Ex-Employee of this company.All the company rules are dynamic.They can change the rules at any time without the prior.

    Currently, I am working in CMMI level company.I don’t learnt anything from this company.Company Policy is Use and Throws.

    It’s first company where in Offer Letter n’t mention Salary.Because it’s fraud company.And Even i don’t get single Paisa during initials’s month.
    In Offer Letter,they mentions Some technical Annexure which is beyond understanding,But N’t Mention About Salary.


    Then, I Approched HR Mangement,She Told if you give 20,000 /-,Benefits to company then only we would give you 3k-5k Salary,And your Performance was n’t good.

    At that moment,There is 2-3 Projects Available and 2-3 Developer worked on it.Within 7 -10 days most of it Finished Because its wordpress Plugins only.One can easily done within 7 days.

    Suddenly,One fresher came he Paid Rs 5k ,then Except 2-3 all are frees.So he Provided Seat to fresher beacuse he Paid money so one of collegue fired n’t performance due to All the company rules are dynamic.They can change the rules at any time without the prior.

    According to My Concerns.It’s ONE ROOM SET COMPANY ONLY.
    Before Joined,Please consult with Present-Employeers who are easily Available in Front of CCD during Break.They can stand in front of CCD but Never Afforts to get something Because there Salary is too low to survive.
    They provides all details about company with Fraud CEO as well.
    No Canteen and Food Available in ONE SET COMPANY.
    Only One WashRoom Smelly as well.

    And There is no Senior Available who has Experience of 2+ year Except MR ….who take care of ONE ROOM SET Comapany and Computers hardware with FB ON.

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  19. Guest
    21 July 2016

    It’s One Room Set company with Smelly washRoom.There is No Canteen as well.Employeers have to done Launch on their Desk or Outside Doaba’s.
    There is only Fews Project Availables and done by 2-3 Persons with Salary Only 3k-5k.
    And Rest of Employee’s are Free and without getting Single Pennie.
    There is No Staff Available for giving Training as well.Yesh,Some Fresher who Paid for during Joining gives some Basic Idea’s Only.Mostly Project is based on WordPress,joomla..Which one can easily learn from Google or You Tube Maximum within 1 Month,But This company n’t gives support to fresher as well,Even he Paid for it.

    Worst company,If you Don’t have any Job then also joined this company.Please invest some more month and learnt Good Technolgy so get job in Good CMMI Levels company.

    Otherwise,Forcitcample harass you very badly.

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  20. Guest
    21 July 2016

    No Growth.
    No process.
    All the company rules are dynamic.They can change the rules at any time without the prior

    1. You can’t get to see or interact with Forcitcample management during your whole tenure
    2. No HR, IT policy
    3. They may not give your salery or stop your releaving letter
    4 Worst infrastructure
    5. No canteen and food
    6. Not a company to work with
    7. Dont get trapped with salery hike
    8. Short term projects, I work with a project which shut… notice to employees

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  21. divu2136
    12 July 2016

    Started my career with this organisation about one and half year ago,i was totally a fresher with zero knowledge but after joining the Company ,they first of all gave me the basic knowledge and took my sessions and taught me all what will help me to turn out to good after one year i am not only good at work but also the senior mam helped me alot to develop my personality and develop my confidence.Thank you Mam. I enjoyed alot while working for this Company.

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  22. Guest
    24 June 2016

    This was my first company i.e. I joined this company as a fresher and without any iota of hesitation, I can say that as a fresher I found gold. There can not be a better start to my career than this. It is one of most employee friendly organisation of Chandigarh and North India circle. This company is brand name in Chandigarh region The best part of this company is employee retention and employee appraisals. Most of their staff is the same staff which joined Forcitcample from its opening day. Once you join here. I am sure you will never want to leave it. Its not only a company for me where I went to earn money but it also provided me with high quality training required for Android/Core Java development. I was novice in this profile but their expert training made me an expert in fetching projects and client communication With ForcitCample experience I am getting calls from top notch companies of India and whatever I will be in my life the stepping stone will always be the training and learning I Did from ForcitCample solutions Salary and work timings have never been issue here. I have celebrated each and every festival over here so it leads to my overall development.I Strongly recommend to join this company as a fresher. Last but not the least, my 1 year in ForcitCample was the best year of my life where I have not only did work, I learnt I enjoyed, I celebrated festivals , I enjoyed official parties and got everything I could ask for as a fresher. I have no doubts that this company will be among Top Notch companies in India and World within next few years. A big Thanks to Forcit Cample for making me a part of it and giving me a boost and kickstart to my career”

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  23. Guest
    3 June 2016

    I was Ex-Employee.I got nothing in first 2 month,Even he took my documents.Then,My Salary started with Rs 3,000 /-,which was hardly to survive in TRICITY.
    It’s worst company in the Tricity.They Haressed the employee.
    Working 10 hours a day with such low salary with No growth after done B-Tech.
    Means,Life come to end in this company.
    I think Government should Banned these company which is against humanity.
    Mangement is worst.Employee gaves Abuses to the owner While Break time.
    Yesh,Its wastage of time as well confidence while working in this company.
    I think ,one can prepare 6 month and try in good company otherwise,company like FORCITCAMPLE haress us very very badly.

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  24. Ex-employee
    1 June 2016

    I worked in this company,But I don’t get any salary.It’s worst company i ever worked in.
    Salary is too low Even one can’t survive of Rs 3,000 /- only.
    Even i learnt nothing from this company.There is no pattern follow.Majority company employee are working with 3-5 k salary only.
    Management is worst .They gave only 3k,4k,5k and nothing to the employee.
    Seriously,These company is made for use and throw employee.

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  25. Exemployee
    14 May 2016

    Worst Company I ever worked under it.Average Salary is Rs 4k .Even Some Employee got during my time Period.
    If join means wastage of time and confidence.
    Even One Couldn’t stay independly.
    Mangement is worst.Owner was trying to convenice.Honesty is best Policy.But he gave only 3k,4k…5k only.
    I think Government should take some initiative to deal with them.

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  26. ExEmployee
    13 May 2016

    Average salary is around Rs 5k only.Some Employee don’t get single Penni.
    Mangement is very Poor.
    Is’s hard to survive independendly if we are working company like these.
    My opininon just waste of time and intelliegnce to work company like these.
    Goverenment should take some impacting steps to deal company like these.

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  27. Exemployee
    13 May 2016

    I was Ex-employee of this company.Main Agenda of this company is Use and Throw.
    Avearge Expected Salaries of Employee is Rs 5k only.
    Some Employee don’t get even a Single Pennie.

    Mangement is worst ever i had seen.
    If you join Means wastage of time and loss of confidence as well.

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  28. Exemployee
    13 May 2016

    I was Ex-employee of this company.Company Agenda is use and throw.
    Salary is so less that we couldn’t survive independendly.
    If Join means wastage of time and confidence.
    Government has implemented the rule atleast 10 k salary.During my time salary of my senior who performed very well was Rs 6-7 k only.

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  29. Guest
    13 May 2016

    Average salary of Employee is Rs 5k.Some Employee work free of cost.
    Poor Mangement with less changes of growth

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  30. Guest
    20 April 2016

    Good company! Cooperative management! Get salary on time always! positive environment!

    Current Employee

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