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Zinavo Technologies is a leading Website Design company Bangalore,India. We at Professional Web Design Company in India, provide a wide range of creative and technical web Solutions including Web design, web development, website hosting, Digital marketing and SEO services.Whether it is developing a successful ECommerce store, creating a corporate online presence, Web experts and 7+ years of experience to assist you in achieving your goals from the simplest static site to full-blown content managed enterprise solutions.


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  1. destiny73
    11 July 2017

    i am resident of Singapore.

    I employed the services of Zinavo for development of a Magento E-commerce site on 24 Jan 2017. 2017, making initial payment. Within few days, they insisted the site was ready and instructed me for the balance payment. which I made on 31 Jan 2017. I paid extra to have the site ready in 15 days.

    It was at that time, I found out all they did was only prepare a homepage template and the product page and nothing else. They don’t have website development process and they are totally unprofessional in their work.
    Aravind, the developer had no idea what he was doing. Speaking to him also bore no fruit. He totally does not understand our requirements DUE TO LANGUAGE ISSUES. I then asked for a developer change due to Aravind’s constant incompetence. Anitha Kumar was assigned. I faced the same problem with Anita due to language issues and she most of the time she couldn’t understand my requirements. She refused to communicate with me via WhatAspp and said that it is her company’s policy that staffs should not use their mobile during office hours. Being an international client, communication with Zinavo was extremely very challenging and I had to correspond via emails few times daily (which lasted to almost 55 days).

    I was told to pay extra for site hosting. the contract clearly said that site hosting was included in payment. This is just one of the many time they breached contract. I ended up paying money for site hosting from somewhere else.

    PLEASE NOTE, THAT ZINAVO SERVERS ARE MALWARE INFECTED. We were warned by my hosting site to clean up the infection or be removed permanently. Zinavo didn’t bother much about this and took their own time to remove the malware. I had to pay extra to my hosting provider to upgrade to a more secured site to protect our website against any future malware attacks.

    There is no team work or coordination as stated by some of “positive reviews”. Anitha went on her one month marriage leave just leaving my project to a standstill. Zinavo did not bother even to inform me of her long absence from work and did not assign another developer to finish the project. My friend in India, constantly chased after them via telephone and email. But they decided to finally ignore and abandon the project. I knew I was completely mislead by their false advertising on their site and falsified comments and awards.

    Bottom line is Zinavo cheated me. This is not the first they are doing this. They target out of state/country customers.

    Their reviews are falsified and it can be proved. You will notice a high rating in google and facebook. What they do is follow up a negative review with 3-4 positive reviews. And all reviews on Facebook are by the employees and friends of Nazar raja, karthik, sudhakar.

    The offices they mention in various countries are questionable. According to Roshan (senthil pandy), the Singapore representative Siva Senthil left the country over a year ago. Then they have the Australian representative Aravind Jack.

    Interesting to note that both Siva Senthil an Aravind Jack have people with the same names in their Bangalore office – Roshan (Senthil Pandy) and Aravind

    I have filed a case against them. I am being represented by my friend. Now, Zinavo has decided no to show up. This is clear. If they can’t respect a court, how do you expect them to respect a client.

    All things I have just written can be verified through emails and WhatApp chats.

    Word of warning, DO NOT BE MISLEAD BY THEIR GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK REVIEWS. THESE HAVE BEEN PUSHED UP WITH A LOT OF FAKE POSITIVE REVIEWS. Don’t be lured or impressed by Zinavo 3500+ projects on their website. Do get international referrals from Zinavo before assigning any future projects to them. Otherwise, if you are not from Bangalore or Karnataka or India, I suggest you take your business elsewhere.

    They have a lot of companies registered in their name.

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  2. Rodney
    30 June 2017

    We paid for development of an e-commerce website end of Jan 2017. And zinavo promised it will be ready in 15 days. We paid extra for that. By mid-march (a month over-due), they abandoned our project and began ignoring all our emails. It was unfortunately one of the worst decisions we ever made. They did not fulfil most of the contract obligations. The problem not only lay with their under qualified staff but also with their management. Starting with Roshan their BDM, Nazir, Karthik, Sudhakar, John (office manager) – They will not respond to phone calls, emails. And please be wary when dealing with Roshan. I have a link here – http://scrutinizeall.blogspot.in/ to explain all the faults with this company and how they go around cheating people. Right from their suspect certification and misleading adverts to their false website developments. Please do not depend on the star ratings you see in google or other sites. It has been falsified by putting in bogus positive ratings. They have cost us a lot of money due to the fact that we did not have a website for our online business. They have a lot of other sites. and if you follow the link i have provided – http://scrutinizeall.blogspot.in/ , you will find names of other websites they operate under or have affiliation. At this juncture, we have filed a legal complaint in consumer court, Bangalore against zinavo.

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  3. Raja
    9 March 2017

    Zinavo Technologies – Worst & Fraud Web Development & SEO Company in Bangalore

    Zinavo Technologies is amongst the worst web development companies you could work with. They will never deliver in time, if at all they plan to deliver or have the capability to deliver.

    We had a harrowing experience where they signed a web development agreement with us, agreed to several time lines and never delivered. after a year, they said their employees have left and cannot deliver our web portal.

    I have interacted personally with Nazar who owns the company and must say that he is absolutely unprofessional and has no ethics whatsoever. Karthik the other cofounder is also non-responsive and all of them together are a bunch of average guys.

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  4. Peter
    2 March 2017

    Zinavo Technologies. No 1 Fraud Website Designing Company

    Dear Friends,

    #savefromzinavo #zinavofraud #1cheatingcompanyzinavo #dontgetcheatedfromzinavo #zinavocheats

    Zinavo Technologies a website designing company in Banaswadi earlier was in Kalyannagar is a number 1 fraud company. They have cheated me in the process of my website designing and development.

    They have their presence with many domains as below


    Please friends they rank on Google and dont get cheated by seeing on Google. They cheated me with 25,000 and did nothing for my website in a time frame of 6 months. Developer Sridhar is non sense guy and he cannot understand client requirements itself.

    Santosh, he is a top one cheater to grab money from clients. This Santosh is a 3rdclass and he always demands money from clients and they will grab 90% of the money from cleints by the time they will do some rubbish work.

    No quality, no timely commitment and this company is the one of the worst web design company in Bangalore. Friends, I am warning you friends dont get cheated from this 3 rd class company. There are several people who have got cheated from this 3rdclass web designing company. Dont get amazed by seeing their beautiful website and their clients on website.

    I say this is a fraud company and never never approach this company for any service. Friends I know that there are so many people who have got cheated from this company. I would request everyone of you who have got cheated to comment below so that others will be saved.

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  5. Guest
    9 January 2017

    yes your right it’s a fraud company and fraud management.

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  6. Mahesh Kumar
    9 January 2017

    zinavo technologies is such a fraud company.Zinavo is a big cheating company. Please be very very very careful with this company.fraud company,fraud management

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